Branching out successfully with Terence Gorski Workshop

Posted on: Wednesday, July 25th, 2012  In: Blog

On April 8 I embarked on a new adventure in my professional career: I was a primary sponsor of a day-long workshop for my peers. While I mentioned this workshop before, I had not really had a chance to reflect on sponsoring a workshop or on how different this was from my professional work.

The time leading up to the workshop sped by with a flurry of planning and decisions and coordinating among four other major sponsors. And while the whole thing was part of my daily work, it felt like anything but “work.”

The workshop brought an eclectic crowd of my peers to hear Terence Gorski, a nationally recognized and acclaimed addiction treatment professional, speak on denial management counseling. Participants ranged from local government agencies to treatment centers to those (like me) in private practice. And they were madly taking notes as Terry presented!

I was—and remain—completely in awe of his knowledge. And I could not be more thrilled with the outcome of this event! Participants rated the event extremely high—from the venue to the logistics—and most said they would come to another event sponsored by me and the other sponsors.

Beyond the thrill of the positive reviews (something that inspires me to host more of these), I was able to spend time with Terry. I feel like we developed a mutual admiration for each other and I am certain we will remain in contact both personally and professionally.

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