My Therapy Practice Philosophy

Posted on: Wednesday, July 25th, 2012  In: Blog

In my therapy practice I think about the psychology of each person and what they bring with them into my office. We will work together to explore and uncover how you travel through your life and navigate through all of it’s challenges and stressors, anxieties and joys. I will help you to look for and uncover patterns that could interfere in the quality of your life, your friendships, partnerships; in how you are coupled or married; in how you function at your work place and in your creativity. We look to find what will work to help you live a more satisfying, rich, dynamic and fulfilled life. I consider each person who walks through the door as unique and special and with your help, create the psychotherapy that best fits your personal needs.

When you walk into my office, I focus on your unique strengths and struggles. I will work with you on the full spectrum of life’s challenges, although I also specialize in addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders. As we explore your life together, we’ll change the patterns that interfere with your relationships, work productivity, creativity and self esteem, as I have done in my practice of nearly twenty years. I’ll help you reduce your suffering and enjoy better communication with yourself and others. Together we’ll work to help you live a richer, more satisfying life.

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