On UPI.com: Helping Parents Let Go as Kids Leave for College

Posted on: Wednesday, July 25th, 2012  In: Blog

Recently United Press International—a world-recognized, trusted news source—interviewed me about the challenges parents face when a child leaves for college.

It is common for a parent to feel a range of emotions (when their young adult child moves out of the family home), from loss to relief. And while this transition is a struggle for parents, it is a significant change for the student as well. Parents should honor their child’s new-found independence by paying attention to how a child reacts to the frequency of phone calls, care packages, and other types of contact like emails and text messages. The young person is likely busy in their “new life” and can feel invaded by the parents need for contact. Ideally it is helpful to have a dialogue between the family members and try to negotiate some “terms and frequency of contact” so that everyone’s needs can be considered.   Ultimately we have to let our children fly and be independent and autonomous, make their own mistakes and separate from us, the parents. It is also important that we ourselves learn to separate from our children and live fully in our own lives.

Visit UPI.com to watch the video.

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