Reflecting on ‘Reflections’

Posted on: Wednesday, July 25th, 2012  In: Blog

I learned something amazing as I embarked on a collaborative effort with a colleague earlier this year: a great idea can be confounded and unraveled by the unlikeliest things.

In this case, in May 2010, my collaborator and I started a program under a unique name specifically focused on professionals seeking continuing substance abuse treatment and outpatient care. We called it “Reflections” and we both knew it was an idea with a both a market and interest.

What we did not realize—and what we soon learned—is that our deep passion and commitment to our craft has resulted in two very solid, busy and successful individual practices. Finding time where both of us were available became an effort in futility. And that was frustrating because we both wanted “Reflections” to succeed.

And then I discovered something else: I’m most known for my psychotherapy services by my name! This is no coincidence as I have worked all my professional life to associate my name with providing help for substance abuse services, depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, childhood trauma and other challenges and issues. But it is always nice to hear from both clients and potential clients that my work efforts towards this goal are working.

So where does that leave “Reflections”? While the collaboration and the name have been temporarily shelved, you can find those same substance abuse services right here with me.

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