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If you or a family member are suffering from an addiction, a qualified Alexandria addiction counselor can make the difference.

Addiction has become an epidemic in our country. If you or someone you’re close to are suffering, finding an Alexandria addiction counselor is the best step you can take. When you’re in the depths of an addiction, helping yourself back up without any outside help can be futile. As in any marketplace, there are many different counselors from whom to seek help from. When you’re suffering from an addiction, and trying not to lose your life, time is of the essence. Working with the right Alexandria addiction counselor can make the difference and could save your life. An addiction can steal your life. Working with an Alexandria addiction therapist can help get it back.

As life circumstances become more an more complex and the family unit in some cases is no longer cohesive; people find themselves more alone and without the support systems which can often make a difference. When one is working hard, taking care of a family or other demands, it’s not always easy to know how to find balance. There is pressure upon people to know how to handle life’s complexities, but few of us were ever taught how to do so. Addictions are a common result of people needing help or relief and not knowing where or how to find it.

Alexandria Addiction Therapist

Susan Berlin of Susan Berlin and Associates is an Alexandria addiction counselor therapist that specializes in different areas of addiction. These are not limited to alcohol use, abuse, dependence & addiction, drug us abuse, dependence and addiction, sexual compulsivity and other sexual issues and eating disorders. Susan’s career as an Alexandria addiction therapist began 20 plus years ago at the Caron Foundation. It was at this drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that her passion for helping people find their way out of addiction was further ignited. Over the years she has found it immensely gratifying to help her patients in overcoming their addictions. She often sees them not only getting their lives back, but having a much better life than they ever had before.


Find out more about both Susan and her Associates by visiting Find out how they can help you overcome your addiction and get your life back. Get on your way to the recovery you deserve. Call Susan Berlin and Associates at 202-333-1787 and set up a consultation to see how your Alexandria addiction recovery will work. There is no shame in addiction. The only shame is not getting the help you deserve. Start working with an Alexandria addiction therapist and get the help that will make the difference.

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