About Psychotherapy

I can find no better words to describe the essence of the psychotherapy work that I do than those an artist friend of mine used to describe himself:

“I embark on a quest to find and connect with pieces of the heart, some battered, some lost, some hidden deep within. Embracing them I discover treasures.”

We are here to live with fullness and to thrive. With this belief in mind, as a psychotherapist, I strive to help you uncover what has been misplaced, misdirected or wounded in you; to find what lies in the corners of yourself and create a better relationship with the self and consequently with others. Therapy is a process of self-reflection and exploration that can be rich with struggle, challenge, and curiosity and rewarded by release and wonder.

The better you know yourself, the more you can choose what you want for your life. Without a strong insight into yourself, your life decisions are made according to unconscious patterns, faulty belief systems and past psychological wounds. The greater the insight and the stronger your understanding of you, the more you can choose what you want for your life, instead of life choosing for you.

Healthier mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical living comes from choice, healing, and greater awareness of self. I offer in-depth, insight-oriented, compassion-based psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups that will help you achieve a greater self-awareness and help you determine what you want for yourself in your life.

As a therapist, I am committed to authentic, honest and compassionate support through your journey to a greater understanding of the self. Let’s open the door to possibility together and see what we can find, create and inspire inside of you. Feel free to call me to talk about how we may be able to work together in therapy.