Arlington Psychotherapy Groups

Arlington psychotherapy groups therapy

At one time or another, everyone has a difficult time dealing with circumstances.  Susan Berlin’s Arlington psychotherapy groups can help people who are feeling confused or frustrated about some part of their lives. Susan Berlin is a psychotherapist that runs Arlington psychotherapy groups who is a licensed clinical social worker in the states of New York, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. She is also a Certified Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor (CASAC) and she holds numerous professional psychotherapy memberships.

Susan Berlin’s Arlington therapy groups offers counseling and therapy for a wide range of challenges, including individual and marriage counseling, group therapy, and psychodynamic clinical supervision for social workers and drug and alcohol counselors. Specialized counseling work includes providing continuing care for those who are battling with addiction issues of a severe nature.

As a service provided by Susan Berlin in her Arlington Psychotherapy groups, counseling is offered that helps individuals and couples become more familiar with their own individual personalities, and through that process, people who are seeking counseling have the opportunity to grow and learn who they are at the core of their personality. Susan Berlins Arlington therapy group has the expertise to assist individuals in working through the things that are holding them back, allowing them to live their best life. Susan Berlin’s Arlington psychotherapy group customizes treatment to suit the needs of the individual. Counseling and therapy are offered for alcohol, and drug addictions and issues, eating disorders, codependency, depression, and anxiety.  Susan Berlin’s Arlington psychotherapy groups provides counseling sessions for those who have survived the horrors of childhood trauma or abuse.

Counseling services are invaluable for an individual who is trying to move past a previous emotional trauma or an addiction. Therapy with Susan Berlin in her Arlington psychotherapy groups can assist an individual in learning how to cope with addiction and emotional trauma, allowing that person to live a fuller life. Through treatment with Susan Berlin in her Arlington psychotherapy groups, it is possible for individuals to find the joy in life again and then begin taking steps toward improving each day.