Bethesda Case Management


Susan Berlin Counseling depends on an independent behavioral health consultant to direct our Bethesda case management program. Case management is an integral part of our team of professionals and we believe an important step in the recovery process. Bethesda case management focuses on a plan of care for people seeking our help. Susan Berlin Counseling provides services for people suffering from alcohol, drug and sexual additions as well as people who suffer from eating disorders.

People afflicted with depression, codependency issues, childhood exploitation and neglect, anxiety and relationship issues will discover that Bethesda case management devises a treatment plan for each step of recovery. Bethesda case management bases treatment plans around a family system. Family members often suffer residual effects when a loved one suffers from mental anguish or additions. In many cases, family members discover during the treatment phase that they enable their loved one to continue indulging in self-destructive behaviors.

Self-discovery for both the patient and family can open up communication, promote empathy versus sympathy and light up new pathways to a better life. Bethesda case management takes an active role by personally visiting as many treatment centers and outside therapeutic services as possible. Susan Berlin Counseling develops professional relationships with reliable treatment services on an international basis. Bethesda case management is a systematic treatment plan created specifically for each client. A care plan can be as short as 30 days or as long as a year.

Bethesda case management coordinates treatment services for the betterment of the patient. Treatment may include therapy sessions or in house placement. Bethesda case management does not leave clients on their own after dismissal from therapy if their treatment is not complete. Each client has different needs that our case management team strives to fulfill. Bethesda case management coordinates follow up care with carefully selected professionals as the treatment plan moves forward. The first step to success is acknowledging a problem and seeking assistance to fix it.