Bethesda Relapse Prevention


Bethesda relapse prevention is a program that has been initiated by Susan Berlin, an expert in psychotherapy and addiction counseling, a certified alcoholism and drug abuse counselor and licensed clinical social worker. Her passion lies in her desire to lead people towards a more clear understanding of what they could become.

Susan Berlin, the leader of Bethesda relapse prevention, is a professional member of psychotherapy in the National Association of Social Workers, the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counseling, the American Group Psychotherapy Association, American Academy of Psychotherapists, the Maryland Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society, Inc., and the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work; so you know that, through Bethesda relapse prevention, you’re getting the professional help you deserve.

Previous to Bethesda relapse prevention, Susan started her journey at the Caron Foundation, a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol abuse that specializes in ACOA work and codependency. Later on down her path, she founded an intensive outpatient program for drug and alcohol treatment in New York City; afterwards, in order for her to grow more, professionally, she moved her practice to Washington DC. With Bethesda relapse prevention, she hopes to assist others in getting past their addictions and preventing them from relapsing.

Susan’s work through Bethesda relapse prevention is geared toward building up the self esteem of her patients and managing their addiction. Through Bethesda relapse prevention, Susan refines her artful practice of psychotherapy and applies it to you, working together with you through Bethesda relapse prevention for you to live a more spirited life.

You can be sure that Bethesda relapse prevention will maintain to achieve the goal of bringing you closer to a more fulfilled, brighter, and livelier future and you can see that Bethesda relapse prevention will do so in a professional, confidential, and friendly manner.