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If you have found yourself in need of a sports psychology DC counselor, visit and find out more about Aaron Pearl, M.Ed., LGPC.  Aaron is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and provides his sports psychology DC services at the office of Susan Berlin and Associates in Washington DC.

Aaron has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston University with a specialty in Sport Psychology DC.  Besides sports psychology DC, Aaron has an interest in working with individuals who are dealing with issues of substance abuse and recovery.

Sports Psychology in DC

So how does a sport psychology DC counselor work? A sports psychology DC counselor helps professional and amateur athletes to achieve their goals and aspirations in their sport of choice.  As a sports psychology DC counselor, Aaron integrates traditional psychotherapy together with sport psychology. Aaron assists athletes in gaining insights into themselves to see how these insights are affecting their performances. Sports psychology DC counselors strive to help their clients overcome any issues that are preventing them from achieving their peak performance. Working with a sports psychology DC counselor can help the athlete to achieve their athletic goals and enhance their overall performances.

Sport Psychologist DC Aaron Pearl

As a sports psychology DC counselor, the techniques that Aaron teaches his clients can be useful not only on the field but in their everyday lives as well. The relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring and mental rehearsals that a sports psychology DC counselor teaches, can easily transition over into the workplace as well as many different social situations.  A typical sports coach focuses on the physical part of the athlete’s performance.  A sports psychology DC counselor’s focus is more concentrated on the thoughts and thought patterns that run through the athlete’s mind on a regular basis.  Sports psychology DC counselors can help their clients achieve their goals by teaching them how to change, control and use the power of their thoughts.

Visit and read about Aaron’s credentials and expertise.  If you are looking to gain the competitive edge in your field of sports, working with an experienced sports psychology DC counselor will give you the tools you need.  Contact Aaron Pearl at 202-333-1787 and get the winning edge on and off the field!

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