Tragic Loss Highlights Underlying Causes of Substance Abuse in DC


Thanks for stopping by to visit with me and my associates!  Some days are so uplifting when there’s a happy event circulating across cyberspace.  Other times, like in the news as late, what appears to be the senseless loss of one of our country’s greatest entertainers is nothing short of heartbreaking.   It’s news like this that brings to light the lack of understanding the general public can have about the underlying causes of substance abuse or addiction.

Whether or not a better understanding of this National treasure’s experience with depression would have produced a different outcome is impossible to say. But for the millions of people who turn to substance abuse to get relief from their depression, this should be a heart wrenching wakeup call!

If you or someone you love is abusing drugs as a way to cope with their depression, my associates and I are here to throw you a lifeline! As therapists, we have great empathy for people that are suffering from depression and the other conditions that can lead to substance abuse.  We work with individuals everyday at our offices in DC whom are severely impacted by this condition. So it is no surprise, that we are much more aware than the general public is about the seriousness of depression. Don’t suffer in silence. We offer you a place where you can be heard, understood and given the experienced guidance you need to make your life one that you really want to keep on living!

Abstaining from substance abuse is not enough. If you haven’t addressed your underlying condition, a relapse is more likely. And in many cases, it could take away your desire to keep on living.  My associates and I are here with the credentialed experience that will make the difference in your life!

We invite you to do more than just visit us online.  We invite you to reach out to us and get the help you deserve!