Top 10 most abused prescription drugs


What are the 10 most abused prescription drugs?

1/Oxycontin 2/Xanax 3/Vicodin …….see the other (7) at the end of this blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m always happy to see you! It’s unfortunate that prescription drug abuse is once again in the news. Prescription drug abuse has become a nationwide epidemic in our wonderful country and it is showing up more and more in younger teens.

Research has shown that the effects of a positive family environment can have everything to do with what path your child might take. Sitting down and eating together, taking an interest in your child’s day, joining your child in an activity and even game night are all small actions that can have huge positives results.

If you, your child or a love one is suffering from emotional problems and are headed down the path of substance abuse trouble, there is help for you! Everyday effective new counseling methods are being discovered to provide people with real results. It can be difficult though for most people to reach out for that first time. But that can be the catalyst that leads to amazing changes.

If you or someone you love is already way down the road in a drug abuse or addiction issue and are in search of a treatment center; visit and check out their incredible resources.

The folks at Maryland Addiction Recovery are good friends of mine and are doing such fine work in the Baltimore area. If you live in or near that area and need some help or know someone who does I hope you seek them out.

Here are the (7) other most abused prescription drugs:

4/ Suboxone 5/Adderall 6/Valium 7/Percocet 8/Ambien 9/Fentanyl 10/Klonopin