Intervention & Treatment Center Placement

Jennifer Tarzia

CEO and Founder, Doyen Consulting Group

Doyen Consulting Group Service’s offers:

  • Interventions: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorder & Domestic Violence
  • Treatment Placement
  • Family Coaching
  • Individual Coaching & Case Management
  • Conservatorship & Guardianship Advising

Jennifer’s background is in Marriage and Family Therapy with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Through Jennifer’s 12+ years of working amongst other treatment providers and settings, she found her passion in supporting families in an inclusive intervention and consulting process and founded Doyen Consulting Group.

At Doyen Consulting Group, Jennifer has curated a hand-chosen group of professionals focused on creating sustainable change for those suffering with mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and eating disorders.

Together this collective group combines personal life and professional experience to provide education, compassionate support and guidance in the development of professional treatment recommendations, treatment consulting, case management, family coaching, and interventions.

Jennifer’s innovative leadership and approach to working with families and clients has a proven track record of compassion, communication, and collaboration.

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Jennifer Tarzia, MA
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Director of Operations
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