Consultation Services & Specialties:

I offer several types of consultation:

  1. Professional Supervision and Clinical Consultation
  2. Treatment Center Placement Consultation
  3. Professionals in Treatment
1. Professional Supervision and Clinical Consultation:

In PSC, I work with other professionals in the field of mental health or substance abuse and offer them a place to process and explore the work they do with their patients/clients. This can be ongoing weekly Consultation or Case by Case consultation. I will help you in your exploration to look at who you are in the work, always looking at the person of the therapist in the work, and to see how your countertransference might be influencing or impacting the way that you are experiencing the work with your patient.

I can also help you to understand addiction and substance abuse and other specialty issues and help guide you in treating others.

2. Treatment Center Consultation:

In TCC, I work with family members or friends to review the presenting issues and history of their loved ones and make recommendations for therapists, outpatient treatment programs or residential treatment programs. I take my 30 years of experience and knowledge of mental health and substance use disorders to find the right treatment experience for you or your loved one.

There is so much to consider when looking for the right treatment for you or your loved one and the internet alone can lead you to the wrong place. Having a proper assessment to know exactly what your specific needs are and finding the best treatment center to fit those needs is imperative for a good outcome.

3. Professionals, Military Personnel, Veterans and Athletes in Treatment:

I have had extensive experience working with Executives, CEO’s, Lawyers, individuals with High level security clearances as well as Athletes and I understand some of the special challenges that accompany these populations. In these professions, many feel unique and seek treatment from therapists that know some of their specific challenges. I have a long history of working with veterans and active military personnel and a variety of challenges and struggles that they face.

Athletes also have special needs. Understanding the sport they play and the psychology involved in playing that sport are important dynamics. Sometimes the Athlete’s issues are related to the sport and sometimes there are underlying issues or life issues that are impacting how they play their sport. No matter what the struggles are, they can be sorted through and understood. I am happy to consult with you as the client or you as a referring professional to see if I can be the right fit.