Military Personnel and Veterans in Treatment

Practicing in Washington, DC for almost two decades has exposed me to the special needs and issues that are unique to active military personnel and veterans, many of whom have gone on to work as private contractors in the Department of Defense or other discrete areas of employment for our nation’s security.

Many military and veterans suffer with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and need to be able to process these traumas with someone who has an understanding of the complexities of war, of military issues and of security clearances. These challenges are complex, layered and sensitive. I provide a safe and secure environment to allow for the exploration of these complex dynamics and offer help to manage the symptoms of PTSD and the stress of the traumas, no matter how big or small.

Your experience in active duty and how you respond to it can have a big impact on your spouses, children and other family members. Getting help for yourself is also helping the others in your life.

Together we can work through the challenges that you face, no matter how complex and painful.