Lead Your Family to Joy with Chris Bennett


Welcome again to my blog, I am so glad you are here! Today it is my pleasure to introduce another associate of mine, Chris Bennett!

Chris Bennett is a nationally recognized leader in helping families to create solutions in the midst of crisis and chaos. He has partnered with me to help the Washington DC community. Together we will guide families in difficult situations by helping them maneuver through addiction, mental health disorders, or anything else that keeps your family from leading a joyous life.

Chris is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Certified Intervention Professional and a Board Registered Interventionist. He specializes in addiction and mental health interventions, helping you wade through treatment options and settle on the right choice. He does this through an extensive evaluation process and provides ongoing family therapy during the entire process.

One of Chris’s specialties which is what I’m most excited about is Treatment Center Consultation. If you have a friend or family member that is willing to go into treatment but doesn’t know where to go, Chris will do one of his extensive evaluations and help you decide based on his vast knowledge of over 300 treatment centers that he has visited.

He will consider all of the important issues that there are to know about when placing someone in treatment, he can even facilitate the admission, do the transport and follow your loved one through the treatment process and work with the family as the patient is in treatment.

I am very excited to be partnering up with Chris to bring his services to Susan Berlin & Associates and the DC, Maryland & Virginia area.

To review Chris’ credentials, visit www.susanberlinandassociates.com. You can also contact Chris Bennett directly at 202-333-1787.