The Capital Networking Group

The Capital Networking Group

The Capital Networking Group is a collaboration of over 1,000 professionals nationwide, working together to help those suffering with mental health, substance abuse and addiction issues.

We believe in working together to help our clients and patients receive the help they need in as unbiased a way as possible.

The Capital Networking Group Listserv began on December 10, 2010 with a few names of professionals who wanted to keep connection with each other. Today, the listserv has over 1,000 members and is growing strong.

This listserv includes addiction and mental health professionals of all kinds from around the country and even one internationally who share resources, help each other find the right placements for their patients/clients, toss around important issues, invite each other to valuable events and much more.

Joining The Capital Networking Group Listserv

Joining the Listserv is easy: go to the “Contact Us” tab on the website (, fill out the form and let us know that you’d like to become a member. You will then be sent an invitation to Join the Group from Yahoo Groups. All you have to do is hit REPLY to the email and then SEND it – that’s all and you are in. Once you do that, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Listserv and telling you how to use this wonderful resource.

Become a Member

Follow the link to learn more about Capital Networking Group and become a Listserv member.

Capital Networking Group Listserv Guidelines


  1. SUBJECT LINE GUIDELINES: A Good subject line facilitates a great response!
    Think: WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHO!!!!! In that order please!ALWAYS put the City AND State in the subject line of all emails that relate to anything geographical. This is a National Listerv, this geographic information is essential to help communicate with folks the “where” of things so that folks can know if it pertains to them or not.ALWAYS make sure subject line CLEAR AND CONCISE. Give us as much information in the subject line as you can so that we can decide whether the email is relevant to us.

    YOU MUST TELL US: If your event or Offering is virtual or In-personIF YOUR EVENT or Offering IS VIRTUAL, Put that in the subject line. If it is IN PERSON, please write that. If it is BOTH, write that and please put the the STATE at the very least, if in-person it must include the City too.

    If this is an event, PUT THE DATE. If you are telling us about a program, please include the geography of program and what it specializes in. Please include the NAME of your PROGRAM or company or practice at the END of the subject line only. If you need to use insurance, put that in the subject line with the insurance company name. INN-stands for In-Network

    If it is self-pay that you are looking for, please put self-pay.

    If you are looking for treatment/therapy etc and the case is particular,  or complicated, put those issues in the subject line: Ie:  ISO: Inpatient for Alco. or Sex Addiction, or Depression & Self regulation….etc.

    ISO and OON and INN; What do they mean?

    ISO: In Search Of: Please use this when you are LOOKING FOR something, ie: ISO: Therapist DC, ISO: Inpatient txt: Sex Addiction, anywhere in Country.

    OON: Out of Network

    INN: In-Network

  2. To REPLY ALL or NOT:……the answer is ALWAYS NOT. Please make sure that if you are replying to an email on the ListServ, that you Reply ONLY to the person sending the email and NOT to the entire ListServ, this cuts down dramatically on the extraneous emails for all of us.  If you accidentally Reply ALL, the email will not get distributed.
    Do not only have an attachment as the body of the email– YOU MUST write text in the body of the email with the information and then you can offer the attachment to register etc.  DO NOT make people have to work to get the information that you are offering, make it EASY for them.
    Always include your name (first and last).  Please have an appropriate signature with website and phone number. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
    When writing about a particular case, and looking for therapy/treatment etc, DO NOT INCLUDE ANY DETAILS THAT COULD POSSIBLY IDENTIFY THE PERSON.
    Postings should NEVER include judgmental comments about any individual or facility. All such commentary should be done offline.  If you are looking for feedback about a program please ask folks to backchannel you and NEVER EVER REPLY ALL.
    1. Any member may post notices about services for clients or professionals, but should be done judiciously, as this is not an advertising forum. If someone is looking for a program for their client, facility representatives should reply only to the person who made the inquiry.
    2. CNG Members looking for jobs, office space, etc. may post queries. Responses, however, should be made only to the sender and not to the entire listserv.
    3. POSTINGS of Office Space/Jobs/Positions: These are permitted and You MUST INCLUDE: CITY and STATE, What the JOB IS FOR, the PROGRAM that is looking or the PRACTICE that is looking.  WHAT=Office space for rent OR Hiring Therapist, WHERE=City and state of the office or practice/program,
    4. Blogs and articles of interest may be posted, a random title with no explanation of what it is about will not be allowed, it must say: Title and then BLOG and then Authors name.  ie:  What to do about Alcohol abuse, Blog: Susan Berlin
    CE opportunities may be posted. Please include: the following information for CE offerings: Free or Cost, How many CE’s, Date, VIRTUAL or IN PERSON (if in person must have LOCATION=CITY AND STATE), Name of Program offering the CE’s, can be at the very end in parenthesis, and the WHAT is being offered.WHAT: 3 Free Virtual CE’s: more WHAT: Name of CE’s DATE/TIME if In-person MUST HAVE CITY AND STATE

Respectfully yours,
Susan Berlin, CNG Founder & Listserve Moderator

Monthly Networking Luncheon


On the first Friday of every month, The Capital Networking Group provides wonderful opportunities to connect and network with local and national behavior health treatment providers.
If you want to “spread the word” about the kind of work you do; explore available resources; understand how others might help you in your practice; and look for collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships, this event delivers the way to do it all.


The Capital Grille
5310 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(Parking is free with validation in the Bloomingdales Parking Garage)


$30.00 per person (cash only)
Please see Shayna to pay at the luncheon.


12 noon to 1:30 pm – the first Friday of every month
Please be on time so that we can stay on schedule!


Invaluable Exposure. You will find a wide array of professionals with whom to build relationships – those who are in a practice, interventionists, educational consultants, representatives from hospitals, and treatment providers.

Ours is a business of being known by the community in which we work. You will be able to introduce yourself to the group with a short (1 minute or less) elevator speech about your services. Lunch will allow you to start building closer relationships and friendships.

Inexpensive Advertising. You can bring business cards and brochures to distribute to the group. Monthly sponsors, who pick up the costs of appetizers and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, will be given extra time to present and can have access to audio visual equipment, if needed.

Networking Opportunities. In our work, nothing can expand our business more than getting to know people and people getting to know us. Each luncheon provides you with the opportunity to discover who might help you in your work and how you might help them in theirs.

 Please Note

You must RSVP. We have limited space for only 30, so hurry up and let us know!
Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Shannon Harris ( and Shayna Daghigh (
will be your hostesses with the mostesses. Fun fact: Shannon and Shayna started their friendship at a Capital Networking luncheon in 2013 and are still fast friends. You can create truly remarkable personal and professional relationships attending these get-togethers.

Become a Member

Follow the link to learn more about Capital Networking Group and become a Listserv member.