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Are you tired of facing the same old struggle everyday and you’re searching for an experienced and reputable therapist in DC? Has your life become unmanageable and you’re finally ready to talk with a therapist in DC? Or maybe your life on a whole is going well but there is that one area that’s consistently causing problems for you. If you’ve found yourself looking for a qualified therapist in DC, we invite you to take a few minutes and visit us on our website at

There’s no one that hasn’t experienced difficulties dealing with life circumstances at one time or another. But when these difficulties are keeping you from living the life you want, it’s time to get help! Why wait any longer? Working with a therapist in DC can help address these issues and return you back to a peaceful life.  Or better yet, meeting and talking with a therapist in DC can return you to a much better life, free from the reoccurring frustrations that have plagued you for years.

There is no better therapist in the DC area than Susan Berlin. Susan Berlin has 20 years of experience working as a therapist in DC, and offers both counseling and psychotherapy services. Susan Berlin holds the designations of LICSW, CASAC, ICADC which has prepared her and given her the background required to work with people who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, dependency and addiction. She also specializes in working with codependency, depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

Therapist DC Susan Berlin

Susan Berlin helps her clients to understand the issues that they’re dealing with. She then educates them and provides the guidance they need to overcome these issues for good and move on with their lives! She’s also unique in that she focuses on teaching her clients how to live more authentically. Time after time this has led to her clients leading fuller lives and having much more fulfilling relationships.

If you’re ready to work with a therapist in DC, call Susan Berlin & Associates at 202-333-1787. She can provide the therapist in DC counseling and therapy you’re looking for to help you to live your very best life and finally master the issues that have been keeping you down for so long. Get in touch with her today and get started on your way to a better life!

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