Caron Foundation Affiliation (1991-present)
  • Workshop – “Creative Visualization for Change”
  • Workshop – “Enlivening Your Spirit and Unleashing Your Creativity”
  • Workshop – “Compulsive Overeating – A One Day Workshop”
  • Workshop – “HIV/Aids – Experiential work with the HIV negative and positive Client”
  • Workshop – “Where is your inner child? Exploring your relationship to creativity, spontaneity and play”
  • Renewal Weekend : Focus on issues of addiction, relapse and prevention, utilizing experiential techniques.
American Academy of Psychotherapy
  • June 2009 Pocono Manor, PA: “Revealing Our Addictions, Exploring Our Limitations and Embracing Our Imperfections; A Process Group.” Alcoholism or addictions frequently leave a person struggling with guilt and shame. When limitations can be sought and imperfections embraced the internal result is liberating. This workshop will challenge you to look at your thoughts and behaviors about “enough”, your unmet yearnings and longings about “more”, and together we will explore the power of collective forgiveness and acceptance.
  • November 2006 Ashville, NC: “The Courage to Challenge Excessive Behavior: A workshop for women.” Overeating, drinking, spending, overworking, or softer excesses like people pleasing or rescuing others, etc. are all attempts to soothe and comfort the self. These and other behaviors manifest when we are not able to self-nurture and effectively self-limit. This workshop is a women’s circle of evaluation and exploration of excesses and what they say about your lives.
  • June 2006 Sebasco, Maine: “Unmasking Addiction: A process group about dilemmas, decisions, and choices.” A workshop to explore acknowledged and defied addictions. A place to unearth the dark corners of yourselves in relation to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food…and how you are impacted either by your own or by others self-destructive and addictive behaviors.
  • June 2005 Brentwood, CA: “Capturing the I & the We: A photography workshop to help you capture what you see ansee what you capture in life, art and psychotherapy.” (2 day workshop given for therapists)
  • June 2003 Sebasco, Maine: “Capturing Time and Essence: A photography workshop to help you capture what you see and see what you capture in life, in art and in psychotherapy”. (2 day workshop given for therapists)
  • June 2000 Sedona, Arizona: “Capturing Time and Essence: A photography workshop to help you capture what you see and see what you capture in life, in art, and in psychotherapy.” (2 day workshop given for therapists)
Berlin~ Lake Consulting
  • September 19, 2008, Gaithersburg, MD: Smoking Cessation Workshop At United Communications Group (UCG). A 1 ½ hour seminar on The Dangers of Smoking/Nicotine; Identifying the Triggers and Routines of your smoking behaviors; Help with Cravings; How to Stop Smoking; What to Expect when You Quit Smoking; Rewards of Not Smoking and other Nicotine/Smoking related issues.
Balancing Life’s Issues-BLI
  • October 16, 2008, Reston, VA: Managing Work and Life Seminar. A 1 ¼ hour seminar on Work/Life Issues and balancing them. Offers tools to identify and change Work/Life stressors. Exploring how personal issues effects your job performance and how work issues/stressors affects your personal relationships and offers ways to organize, compartmentalize and work through competing issues in one’s life. This workshop was given to the CIA.
United Hospital Affiliation and Inservice Trainings (1992-1995)
  • Workshop – “Codependency” – An overview of Treatment issues and Techniques.
  • Workshop – “Anger Workshop” – Teaching techniques for Anger Reduction in the therapeutic process, using Bataka Bats, Pillows, and other forms of physical expression, including art and writing to express anger.
  • Workshop – “Expressive Therapeutic Techniques” – Using Art, Writing, Music and Movement in the therapeutic process.
  • Youth Expo: New Rochelle School System – Lectured on “Alcoholism—The Family Disease.”
  • Aids Awareness Day, Rye High School
  • Workshop – “Boundary Issues in Counselor/Client Relationship.”
  • Workshop – NYFAC CONFERENCE Presenter “An Experiential View of the Family Disease of Alcoholism.”
  • Guest Lecturer : WORKTALK (Private Not for Profit Job Transition Organization)
Foundations Recovery Network April 2012

Freedom & Recovery National Conference San Diego, CA
Healing the Healer; Secondary Trauma and What to do with it
Co-Facilitated with Robert Wagner

In this unique, experiential workshop, participants engaged in an actual Process Group Format, designed to help the healers and front line treatment providers improve insight and awareness into personal dynamics that results from treating and dealing with the wounded and traumatized individual

Foundations Recovery Network April 2020

Innovations in Recovery National Conference, San Diego, CA
Come to the table: Processing Innovations, A Closing Experience
Facilitated by Glen Hadley and Susan Berlin, LICSW, CASAC

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to be in a co-facilitated experiential group process. You will be invited to express thoughts and feelings about your experience at IIR and through this sharing, can gain self-awareness, knowledge and integration of your conference experience. Glen and Susan will help to facilitate a safe space while inviting dynamic group interactions.

American Academy of Psychotherapists, National Conference

Calloway Gardens, Georgia June 2020
Sitting at the Table with our Patients; When Their Experience Parallels Our Own and We Wonder “who is helping who?”
Facilitaed by Susan D Berlin, LICSW, CASAC and Avrum Weiss, Ph.d

In this two day experiential workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore, share and wonder about what happens when they have a shared experience with their patients. They will explore how they choose to be with the patients, what they share of themselves and how they value with the patients give them.

AAP Summer Workshop 2015: Saint Louis, MO

Unearthing Addictions and walking in the shadows of Compulsive Behaviors: Where Therapists Dare to Tread
Co Facilitated by Susan Berlin, LICSW, CASAC and Graham Hall, LPC

This was a 3 hour process group designed to help participants identify and explore compulsive and addictive behaviors. It was also intended to help folks see what likes beneath these behaviors, what is in the shadows of themselves and their patients.